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adults and children in CUBE Vinnytsia
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Why is it so cool to celebrate
birthday in CUBE?
HIYITARHCIbirthday anywhere you dream of. The bottom of the ocean, the tallest skyscraper, the most ancient times, or the most advanced future. Fantastic creatures, frightening monsters, and a world of fantasy to surprise players of any age.
You will receive from us
Total freedom and team play
DDDDDDEDDY game, you will be able to move in an area of 10m2, with all movements tracked and transferred into the virtual reality world. All players will be able to interact with each other in the game.
Special atmosphere
YYMMTOMMMTe greeted by Pan Morfeusz - our guide to the world of virtual reality. He will help you choose the games, making sure that your game time is as entertaining as possible.
Unforgettable emotions
OAYPYFYDYOy of games will satisfy the most demanding player.
A great activity for children
VVVWCVVWVTality games improve motion skills, teamwork, critical thinking, and the decision-making process.
I want to celebrate here!
What does a VR birthday look like in CUBE?
We guarantee unforgettable moments and emotions. For the perfect VR birthday setup hereunder is an example of a 3 hours experience.
Preparation for the celebration
You can bring festive decorations, and decide what are the most suitable games with your host Pan Morfeusz in advance.
20:00 min
Briefing and first game hour
After a short briefing, you will visit the bottom of the ocean and then become an archer defending the fortress from orcs. An excellent choice for beginners.
60:00 min
Snack break
After playing, it's time to have a snack and prepare for the next rounds.
20:00 min
Second game hour
It's all here: Batman's cave, Atlantis, shootouts with enemies, and even a battle with robots. Once immersed in the science-fiction atmosphere, you will certainly want to return there again and again. Pan Morfeusz will find something special for everyone in the world of virtual reality.
50:00 min
Time for photos
After your game time, you can take nice photos, learn about the CUBE loyalty program, buy our gift certificates, and ask Pan Morfeusz any questions.
30:00 min

Weekdays till 7pm

The price grants club exclusivity for 60 minutes. 8 people can play in rounds during the scheduled time (4 players per round).

120 minutes*


The price grants club exclusivity for 60 minutes. 8 people can play in rounds during the scheduled time (4 players per round).

120 minutes*
2400 uah
A 50% prepayment for booking confirmation.
What can you play?
Batman CubeVR
person person person person

After the Fall

From the creators of the legendary Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall drags you into a co-op adventure against hordes of undead creatures. Reclaim control of the decimated city of Los Angeles infested by snowbreeds.

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Arizona CubeVR
person person person person

Arizona Sunshine

It`s a game of survival in which you can fight alone or in a company with your trusty and reliable friend. Exactly, these qualities you will need if you want to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, where except for you alone zombies.

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Elven Assassin
person person person person

Elven Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode

Beat Saber CubeVR
person person person person

Beat Saber

The game, which became a hit on youtube, because it has everything - good music, laser swords and rhythm. The game requires skill and attentiveness - under the familiar hits on you will fly cubes, and in the hands of light swords - you can compete with friends, who will become the main jedi company.

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Half-Life Alyx CubeVR
person person person person

Half-Life Alyx

This is your chance to become part of the Half-life Universe - all the nostalgic things and details of this world will come to life around you. The game is implemented as cool as possible - an exciting plot, awesome graphics and incredibly diverse techniques - gravity gloves, various weapons and crowds of enemies.

Richies Plank CubeVR
person person person person

Richie`s Plank

In this simulation Richie`s Plank you can walk on the bar at a height from which breathtaking. Recommended for those who like to tickle their nerves.

Fancy Skiing CubeVR
person person person person

Fancy Skiing

Full immersion in the virtual reality and the feeling that you really take off on your skis over evergreen pines.

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You play as the captain of a Viking ship. Your goal is to lead your ship to victory, to win the race. Smash the appearing runes with your two hammers to epic Viking music.

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Pavlov VR

Counter-Strike exists in virtual reality and here it is Pavlov VR

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Seriuos Sam CubeVR
person person person person

Serious Sam

Legendary and everyone`s favorite serious Sam is in the virtual reality now! Be tough, uncontrollable and uncompromising as Sam.

At what age can my child play CUBE?
We recommend visiting the club for children over the age of 10. This is due to the technical features of the equipment, as well as the individual perception of the child
My child is not yet 10 years old. Why can't he play?
The equipment is originally designed for older children and the administrator will probably not be able to securely attach the helmet to your child's head. Therefore, there is a risk that the helmet will fall off and break during the game. Since guests are financially responsible for the equipment, we do our best to avoid such situations
My child looks older than it seems, knows how to follow rules and I am sure there will be no problems at the club. Can we go to CUBE?
Yes, you can book your play time but it can be canceled at anytime by our assistant if the following occurs: Helmet cannot be securely fastened in the child head. Child overall behavior cannot assure a safe and collected play time. In case of cancellation we will not charge you for the time spent trying to make the experience enjoyable. We will wait for you when you are a bit older and ready to enjoy some VR without problems.
The child wants to play, but I cannot (or do not want) to be with him in the club. Can I leave him alone for the duration of the game?
You cannot leave a child unattended, children's perception of virtual reality is very personal and can trigger unexpected reactions. A child can execute harmful sudden movements and damage the club equipment. If the child is under 15 years old, at least one of the parents or adult (family member or guardian) must be near during the whole gaming session.
Do I need to make a prepayment?
Yes, after booking you will be contacted by our team to organize the details of your party.To confirm your booking you will need to make a prepayment of 50% by card, BLIK or in cash at the Club in advance.
Are there any discounts for birthday parties?
There are no additional discounts for birthday parties but after the party you can buy a CUBE gift card with 2 hours for the price of 1. Every 5th game is also free. How cool is that?
Is CUBE VR suitable for children?
It is, if you are 10 years old or older you can celebrate your birthday in CUBE.
Do parents need to be in the club while playing?
Yes, we recommend that one or two parents stay with their children for the entire playing time at the club. Games in virtual reality are quite active, so additional supervision of children for safety will not be superfluous.
Why is it recommended to book 2-3 hours for your birthday? Can we book 1 hour?
2 hours is the optimal VR experience time. The first hour is to get comfortable with the equipment and the VR environment. In the second hour more intense and complex games will be introduced. 3 hours are recommended for groups of more than 4 players or hyperactive children. We will adjust the play time according to the profile and number of players.
How will the game be organized if there are 4 seats and more players?
Do not worry! Morpheus organizes the playing time so that all guests can play in turns. The atmosphere in the club is such that it will be fun not only to play, but also to watch what is happening, so at the end of the holiday everyone will be happy.
Can we bring our own alcohol, food and juice / soda?
Unfortunately, it is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages in the club - they affect the reaction speed and behavior, which is not permissible in active games. As for food and soft drinks - you can take something with you or order targeted delivery to the club.
Will there be other customers in the club on my birthday?
The club will be exclusively reserved for your birthday, no other customers will attend at the same time
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