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A new format of entertainment - virtual reality in Odessa

Today, virtual reality games are no longer something fantastic, impossible, accessible only to the elite. Thanks to the opening in 2016 of the first Ukrainian VR club in Odessa, this unique type of leisure has become available to everyone (by appointment, of course). Today, the CUBE network has 16 clubs throughout Ukraine, making virtual reality closer, more accessible. But where did it all begin? What is the past of virtual reality?

History of Virtual Reality Technology

It all started with the first Sensorama 3D display, which the world saw in 1956. The equipment had stereo sound, the three-dimensional display itself and a place with vibration, which "reflected" what was happening on the screen. Sensorama was created to display the corresponding short films from Morton Heilig, which were accompanied by smells, noise, wind. In fact, it was a whole, although primitive VR room in one device, which resembled medical equipment. Sutherland was further invented by the first prototype of a modern helmet that changed images in accordance with the movement of the head.

In the 70s, in simulators, the real picture was replaced with computer video graphics, which was certainly quite primitive. Such flight stimulants worked in real time, which was important. In the 80s, systems appeared in which a person could manipulate 3D objects with the help of hand movements. So the first VR gloves from the RB2 system allowed you to twist, flip objects on the EyePhone screen. The whole system (display plus gloves) then stood from 50 to 100 thousand dollars. USA.

The first company to create an affordable VR gaming console was Sega. And although such games were unsafe, since players could injure themselves, still this was a breakthrough. Next came Cave with his automatic virtual environment, and finally Palmer Lucky with his Oculus VR, who, in fact, is the father of modern virtual reality. Nowadays, affordable prices for games in the club of virtual reality and a wide network of these clubs allow everyone to explore new worlds, standing with their feet in real.

VR club in Odessa is the best place for gaming experiences

Today, the CUBE virtual reality club in Odessa gives everyone the opportunity to discover a unique fantastic world filled with real emotions, drive and incredible impressions. This is the best choice for gamers, as well as a completely new leisure format for modern people, which simply turns all ideas about games.

Virtual reality in Odessa opens up completely new possibilities. Thanks to the innovative equipment of the CUBE club, specially equipped space and modern software, a complete immersion in the virtual world is achieved. In it, you can transform into a movie or game hero, personally experiencing all his actions, having lived for some time his life.

VR club in Odessa offers you to evaluate personally and experience on yourself or your friends real feelings in an unreal world. With us you can:

  • plunge to the bottom of the ocean, filled with amazing inhabitants, unknown creatures;
  • Feel the emotions of extreme skiing or snowboarding from the highest mountains in the world;
  • fight with valiant knights in the Middle Ages or save the castle from the attack of monsters and zombies;
  • experience a pirate sense of freedom when embarking on a sea voyage;
  • take a walk through previously unknown worlds and galaxies, discover new lands and new life forms that will not always be favorable to you.

VR CUBE offers you unique opportunities! You will be able to plunge headlong into virtual reality and become what you can never be in real life. To do this, we will provide you with a huge selection of entertainment and stories. Challenge yourself and your friends, do not miss this chance!

CUBE virtual reality club - what do we offer?

For everyone who decided to personally feel the bright real emotions of virtual games, the VR club in Odessa provides all the necessary modern equipment. At your disposal are 4 HTC Vive helmets and special hand controllers, which allow you to simultaneously immerse yourself in the unreal world of a company of 4 people. For partial immersion, you can use glasses with advanced features.

It is worth noting that for the uncompromising comfort of BP guests, the club in Odessa is equipped with all safety requirements in mind. We guarantee that nothing will stop you, will not distract you from incredible emotions. And so that you do not get lost, do not get lost in this unprecedented world, from the threshold you will be met by a virtual assistant Matveevich.

To become a member of our club, we advise you to follow simple rules:

  • pre-book the number of playing places and time of visit (the standard game lasts 60 minutes);
  • arrive on time at the appointed time and remember the password;
  • be sober, because you will receive your portion of emotions, unrealistic sensations - we guarantee this;
  • the equipment is designed for adults and adolescents, so the player must be over 12 years old.

CUBE VR Club in Odessa offers you to experience and discover a new leisure format - emotional, exciting, unreal! Having the first network of VR clubs in Ukraine, we remain the strongest today, developing and improving every day. Feel this drive, adrenaline and genuine emotions with us!

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Why will you come and play again?


Absolute freedom

Move around virtual worlds seamlessly. All player's movements are tracked and replicated in virtual reality.


Private club

You can only access the club premises by appointment and by saying the password at the door (you can find it on our social media). for Viber and Telegram)


Special atmosphere

At the entrance to CUBE you will be welcomed by Morpheus - your guide to the world of virtual reality. Accompanied by his female assistant, he will introduce you to something that you did not even suspect


Online game

Play against each other or together against everyone! (from 1 to 4 people at the same time)

Motveich Whale

What can I play?

Batman CubeVR
person person person person

After the Fall

From the creators of the legendary Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall drags you into a co-op adventure against hordes of undead creatures. Reclaim control of the decimated city of Los Angeles infested by snowbreeds.

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Arizona CubeVR
person person person person

Arizona Sunshine

It`s a game of survival in which you can fight alone or in a company with your trusty and reliable friend. Exactly, these qualities you will need if you want to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, where except for you alone zombies.

Watch video
Elven Assassin
person person person person

Elven Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode

Beat Saber CubeVR
person person person person

Beat Saber

The game, which became a hit on youtube, because it has everything - good music, laser swords and rhythm. The game requires skill and attentiveness - under the familiar hits on you will fly cubes, and in the hands of light swords - you can compete with friends, who will become the main jedi company.

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Half-Life Alyx CubeVR
person person person person

Half-Life Alyx

This is your chance to become part of the Half-life Universe - all the nostalgic things and details of this world will come to life around you. The game is implemented as cool as possible - an exciting plot, awesome graphics and incredibly diverse techniques - gravity gloves, various weapons and crowds of enemies.

Richies Plank CubeVR
person person person person

Richie`s Plank

In this simulation Richie`s Plank you can walk on the bar at a height from which breathtaking. Recommended for those who like to tickle their nerves.

Fancy Skiing CubeVR
person person person person

Fancy Skiing

Full immersion in the virtual reality and the feeling that you really take off on your skis over evergreen pines.

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person person person person


You play as the captain of a Viking ship. Your goal is to lead your ship to victory, to win the race. Smash the appearing runes with your two hammers to epic Viking music.

Watch video
person person person person

Pavlov VR

Counter-Strike exists in virtual reality and here it is Pavlov VR

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Seriuos Sam CubeVR
person person person person

Serious Sam

Legendary and everyone`s favorite serious Sam is in the virtual reality now! Be tough, uncontrollable and uncompromising as Sam.

Rules of our club

spark Password

To enter the club you have to know the phrase-password. You can find it out using our chat bot for Viber or Telegram

spark No alcohol

It is forbidden to visit the club premises in the possession and under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

spark Age 12+
Age limit

Our activities are not recommended for children under 10 years old due to equipment technical features and the maturity perception of children.

spark No pregnant

Our activities are not recommended for pregnant and emotionally sensitive customers.

spark In time
Be on time

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. In case of delay please inform the Club.

spark Parents
Children supervision required

Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult.

If you do not like it -

we will refund your money!

Weekdays till 7pm

Hour of surprise, misunderstanding where you are and want to repeat

60 minutes*
200 uah

Weekdays after 7pm and weekends

An hour of triumph, dizzying pursuits, and hordes of slain monsters.

60 minutes*
250 uah
Giftcards CUBE
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* The price is for 1 person. Each session lasts 60 minutes and includes 10 minutes of instructional briefing and 50 minutes of playtime. On your next visit, there will be no intro briefing and a full 60 minutes of play time is guaranteed.

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