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Virtual reality in Krivoy Rog

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular not only in the world, but also in Ukraine. This is not at all surprising, because thanks to VR games you can plunge into the atmosphere of the virtual world, become a pilot or an astronaut who performs an important mission, save the world from a horde of aliens, zombies or go to explore the sunken ship. In addition, today there is an impressive list of educational games for the whole family that VR CUBE offers its customers.

Virtual reality - a new type of entertainment for the whole family

Virtual reality games are a great leisure activity for all family members. Today, there are a lot of family games, applications, thanks to which the participants have an excellent pastime. Despite the fact that manufacturers of devices of this type mainly focus on hardcore players, there are interesting applications for the younger generation. Thanks to the use of virtual reality technologies, it is possible to significantly enhance educational opportunities, because children and teenagers are much more interested in absorbing knowledge in a playful way.

Educational applications for VR clubs are a rather promising area. During the game, children get the opportunity to interact with various objects that are completely inaccessible in real life. They will have the opportunity to get into the crater of a volcano or get acquainted with different chemical processes. In the framework of virtual reality, the younger generation more effectively understands the features of the surrounding world, solving logical, mathematical problems. Young users are very enthusiastic about the gameplay, trying to demonstrate their capabilities to the maximum.

While indoors, users can completely freely interact with the presented interactive environment. VR games involve a complete immersion in the colorful world of virtual reality, where each member of the family is given a unique opportunity to choose hobbies that they like. VR in this case is the main technology that allows you to build a gaming space with a special design, defined by the rules.

CUBE virtual reality club in Krivoy Rog

Thanks to the nationwide network of VR CUBE clubs, virtual reality is available today and in Krivoy Rog for everyone. Our club invites you to try something completely new, unusual. Thanks to the use of a special VR helmet, glasses and hand controllers, you can get to any place you would like. But please note that VR CUBE in Krivoy Rog accepts customers by appointment only. This is necessary in order to eliminate interference during gaming sessions, so that no one bothers the players.

Our VR room has an unusual design. The floor, walls and ceiling are saturated black, and neon flicker is observed in the room. The club includes two game zones, in each of which there is a pair of helmets and points. Due to this, you can play teams, arranging competitions. Given the limitless possibilities of virtual reality, it is possible to meet participants in the game world who are physically located in different cities

During the session, there is a mandatory presence of a virtual CUBE employee in Krivoy Rog - Morpheus. He is a conductor to the computer world, because his main task is to provide all kinds of assistance to people when transferred to virtual reality. This is necessary both for understanding the games and for preventing blows against the walls while in the playing space. Morpheus is dressed in all black and in sunglasses, looks very stylish.

Despite the fact that today there is an incredible number of games, the VR CUBE virtual reality club offers its customers exclusively those that have realistic and high-quality graphics so that players can immerse themselves in the unreal gaming world as much as possible.

On average, one session lasts about an hour. This time is quite enough to try out several games, while immersing yourself in a virtual atmosphere. The club is open from two in the afternoon until eleven, and sometimes even at twelve in the evening. Prices for games in the virtual reality club are on average 200 hryvnias per person. On weekends, the cost is slightly more expensive, so check when booking.

Интересных и захватывающих вам приключений в виртуальной реальности!

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Absolute freedom

Move around virtual worlds seamlessly. All player's movements are tracked and replicated in virtual reality.


Private club

You can only access the club premises by appointment and by saying the password at the door (you can find it on our social media). for Viber and Telegram)


Special atmosphere

At the entrance to CUBE you will be welcomed by Morpheus - your guide to the world of virtual reality. Accompanied by his female assistant, he will introduce you to something that you did not even suspect


Online game

Play against each other or together against everyone! (from 1 to 4 people at the same time)

Motveich Whale

What can I play?

Batman CubeVR
person person person person

After the Fall

From the creators of the legendary Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall drags you into a co-op adventure against hordes of undead creatures. Reclaim control of the decimated city of Los Angeles infested by snowbreeds.

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Arizona CubeVR
person person person person

Arizona Sunshine

It`s a game of survival in which you can fight alone or in a company with your trusty and reliable friend. Exactly, these qualities you will need if you want to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, where except for you alone zombies.

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Elven Assassin
person person person person

Elven Assassin

Take a bow and kill hordes of orcs in the epic town defense game. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other assassins in online co-op mode

Beat Saber CubeVR
person person person person

Beat Saber

The game, which became a hit on youtube, because it has everything - good music, laser swords and rhythm. The game requires skill and attentiveness - under the familiar hits on you will fly cubes, and in the hands of light swords - you can compete with friends, who will become the main jedi company.

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Half-Life Alyx CubeVR
person person person person

Half-Life Alyx

This is your chance to become part of the Half-life Universe - all the nostalgic things and details of this world will come to life around you. The game is implemented as cool as possible - an exciting plot, awesome graphics and incredibly diverse techniques - gravity gloves, various weapons and crowds of enemies.

Richies Plank CubeVR
person person person person

Richie`s Plank

In this simulation Richie`s Plank you can walk on the bar at a height from which breathtaking. Recommended for those who like to tickle their nerves.

Fancy Skiing CubeVR
person person person person

Fancy Skiing

Full immersion in the virtual reality and the feeling that you really take off on your skis over evergreen pines.

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person person person person


You play as the captain of a Viking ship. Your goal is to lead your ship to victory, to win the race. Smash the appearing runes with your two hammers to epic Viking music.

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person person person person

Pavlov VR

Counter-Strike exists in virtual reality and here it is Pavlov VR

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Seriuos Sam CubeVR
person person person person

Serious Sam

Legendary and everyone`s favorite serious Sam is in the virtual reality now! Be tough, uncontrollable and uncompromising as Sam.

Rules of our club

spark Password

To enter the club you have to know the phrase-password. You can find it out using our chat bot for Viber or Telegram

spark No alcohol

It is forbidden to visit the club premises in the possession and under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

spark Age 12+
Age limit

Our activities are not recommended for children under 10 years old due to equipment technical features and the maturity perception of children.

spark No pregnant

Our activities are not recommended for pregnant and emotionally sensitive customers.

spark In time
Be on time

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. In case of delay please inform the Club.

spark Parents
Children supervision required

Children under 15 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult.

If you do not like it -

we will refund your money!

Weekdays till 7pm

Hour of surprise, misunderstanding where you are and want to repeat

60 minutes*
200 uah

Weekdays after 7pm and weekends

An hour of triumph, dizzying pursuits, and hordes of slain monsters.

60 minutes*
250 uah
* The price is for 1 person. Each session lasts 60 minutes and includes 10 minutes of instructional briefing and 50 minutes of playtime. On your next visit, there will be no intro briefing and a full 60 minutes of play time is guaranteed.

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